Toraja coffee is the best coffee from the highlands of South Sulawesi. The coffee is rich in taste, has a fruity aftertaste, and a level of acidity that spoils the tongue. Toraja coffee beans have also become a bone of contention for coffee connoisseurs from various countries

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Toraja coffee is one of the popular variants that has the best quality in Indonesia. This coffee, which comes from the land of Toraja, South Sulawesi, has a distinctive taste and unique character. With the Latin name Celeber Kalosi, Toraja coffee has been known by coffee lovers around the world. Became one of the Indonesian coffees that have been exported, together with gayo coffee, luwak coffee and others.

The taste of Toraja coffee is known to be very delicious and distinctive. One of the reasons is because it is planted in mountainous areas with altitudes reaching 1400 to 2100 meters above sea level, namely in the Sasean Mountains. Planted in volcanic soil areas. Coffee trees in this area are planted side by side with various spice plants, so it is not surprising that Toraja coffee has a fragrant and distinctive aroma.



Toraja coffee has an irregular shape and size with a dark brown color. This shape makes the Toraja coffee quite easy to recognize. It has a very fragrant and distinctive aroma, even when you first open the package. This coffee has a fruity aroma taste with a taste that is not too bitter when consumed. The acidity level is also low enough that it becomes an idol for those who have stomach acid problems. With these features, it is not surprising that this coffee has a proud feature for Indonesia.

Toraja coffee harvesting process is very selective. Only really old ones are harvested. It is then processed using the wet-hull method. After the coffee is roasted, it is advisable to let it sit for a few days before it is finally ground. The type of Toraja coffee from the Arabica variant is more famous than Robusta. In fact, many people identify Toraja coffee with Arabica coffee, because the planting location is very supportive for the Arabica variant. Toraja Arabica coffee has a lower acidity than Robusta Toraja.